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One More Summer Day of Reading!

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How are you filling your late-summer days? Licking another drippy ice cream cone, taking one final picnic in the park, or fitting in one or two more just-for-the-fun-of-it books, like the above suggestions from our Bookstore team. Here are a few lists for your reading pleasure:

Get Caught Reading and Earn a Free Book

The Bookstore welcomes children and readers of all ages to participate in our 2016 summer reading program. There's still time. Pick up your summer Get Caught Reading form at The Bookstore, and read 10 books during the summer, filling out the form as you go along. When it's completed, turn your form in to receive a free paperback book of your choice from our store stock. Stop by The Bookstore for complete details. Turn in your forms by Sept. 10.

Join us for 'Unknown Americans' on Aug. 25

At our Aug. 25 meeting of the Bookstore Book Club, we'll discuss The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez, and for Sept. 22 the group has selected Dead Wake by Erik Larson. If you're interested in joining The Bookstore Book Club, call us at 630-469-2891. Or stop by and add your name to the list while you pick up a copy of the latest selection.

Books for Back to School

Back to School means back-to-school books! In addition to the required summer reading list titles, we have selected books to prepare you and your child for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade on up to heading out for college. In the spirit of required reading, we have also listed our favorite classic novels, the ones we've enjoyed even more as adults.

100 Years of National Parks 

This year marks the 100th anniversary of a national treasure, our National Parks! Take a look at some of the fantastic new books published in honor of this historic anniversary: National Parks of America by Lonely Planet, National Parks of the United States, A Thinking Person’s Guide to America’s National Parks, National Parks Coloring Book, The Hour of Land, Our National Parks Quotation Book.

Try these Stress Relievers

Need a little stress relief from today's news? In addition to the escapes offered by a good fiction title, many of our customers have found that the new intricate coloring books are giving their brains a welcome sense of peace and quiet. We have a variety of these stress-busters for all ages and some coloring pencils as well. We suggest that you pick up enough to last you for the next few months, through election time! They include: Calm Coloring Book, Magical Jungle, Color Me Jane, Birds & Botanicals, and Fantastic Collections.

What We're Talking About This Month

► August Staff Picks: Jane's pick is Tribe.

► August Book Club Picks: The Glen Ellyn Historical Society's picks are "Black Man in White Coat" and "Negroland."

► Books Now in Paperback: We recommend these for book clubs: "Purity," "Japanese Lover," and "City on Fire."

Books Heard on NPR: "House at the Edge of the Night," "This Must Be The Place," and "Dark Matter."

► Book Extras: This month we're featuring The Return. Here's the publisher's book trailer.

► Book Club Kit: Publisher Penguin Books is offering a kit for book clubs to discuss Ana of California, a contemporary story inspired by Anne of Green Gables. The kit comes complete with recipes for raspberry cordial, currant wine and hibiscus sangria.

Bookstore Brain Teaser: Receive 20% off your next in-store purchase if you can answer this trivia question:

Which local high school is depicted in O.T. Nelson's book for young people, "Girl Who Owned a City"?

► The Indie Next ListWhat booksellers nationwide are talking about.

► The Indie Bestseller List: Based on last week's sales at independent bookstores nationwide

Coming Attractions

  The BFG    Star Trek Book Cell

We have the books the pair with your favorite movies and television shows. Read them before you see them. 


Mandarin Class

Learn some basics in Mandarin and have a lot of fun! Offered twice to suit your schedule: Tuesday August 9 from 10 am to 12 noon and Friday, August 12 from 2 to 4 pm. Free, RSVP to The Bookstore by phone at 630-469-2891 or email us.